Dr. Uri Golomb, Musicologist

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Dr. Uri Golomb I studied musicology at Tel Aviv University, King’s College London, and Cambridge University, completing my PhD on the performance history of Bach’s B minor Mass in 2004, under the supervision of the renowned Bach scholar and performer John Butt. I am currently resident in Israel, and work as Executive Editor of IMI News (journal of the Israel Music Institute, www.imi.org.il) and as a freelance editor and translator.

I have had considerable experience as a lecturer. This includes appearances before professional and non-professional audiences alike, in contexts ranging from public lectures to amateurs to international conferences and departmental colloquia. I also appeared and as a guest lecturer in undergraduate courses and MA seminars.

I have worked often with undergraduate and post-graduate students alike as an editor, advising on aspects of research and presentation. I have also done work as translator and editor for the Ministry of Education; the Israel Music Institute; and others. As a translator, I work in both directions (English to Hebrew, Hebrew to English). I can therefore offer academic editing, assisting authors in tightening the structure and argumentation of their texts. I can also provide advice on works in progress – advising on the viability of research proposals, assisting in bibliographical searches, and so forth.

Since the completion of my PhD, I have published several articles on the subject, and was awarded a British Academy Visiting Fellowship to further study this fascinating topic. My ultimate aim in this field is to produce a book-length study: The Fifth Evangelist, the Impassioned Rhetorician and the Practical Musician: Re-Creating Bach’s Vocal Music in the Age of Recordings.

My other research interests include opera (especially Monteverdi and Mozart); the reflection of polemics on music and aesthetics in musical works; the nature of historical performance; the relationship between performance and analysis; music and rhetoric; and, more generally, the relationship between text and music. I am also studying contemporary Israeli music, especially the works of Josef Bardanashvili and Ella Milch-Sheriff.

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